Planning for 21 Day Fix Success

I used to be a "fly by the seat of my pants" kinda gal, but one thing I've learned is you have to plan for success. I have been searching for life balance for years. I always thought that once I found it, I would always have it. WRONG! Life balance is a very individual thing that changes on a moment by moment basis. For me, I started to find daily life balance when I put a plan in place and made routines, which eventually became healthy habits. Now remember, I used to despise routines. That was until I got married, had kids and realized my day isn't just mine. I have to share my 24 hours with at least 3 other people (never mind my family and clients). I realized I needed to set some priorities, and my health and wellness became my first priority. If mama ain't healthy and happy, ain't nobody happy! This is when I found 21 Day Fix. This program brought more than just fitness into my life. It created more structure for me. I had a well thought out, easy to follow, fitness and nutrition program. It forced me to think more about things like food preparation (see my previous blog) and making time workout and refuel my body for recover. I now plan my days to include time to workout (only 30 minutes) and eat 3 meals with a snack in between each meal, and even time for personal development. It became a mind, body and soul approach to health. This is the definition of a sustainable healthy lifestyle.

The 21 Day Fix program has changed my life on so many levels. In order to keep track of these changes and to stay focused on my priorities, I created a good ole "back to basics" planner.  I wish someone would have just said to me, the answer to finding balance is SIMPLE...use a daily journal to plan for and track the things you want to accomplish and you will be on your way to successfully achieving your goals. Hindsight is 20/20, had I known then what I know now, I feel like I would have saved myself from a lot of stress and frustration. BUT, I am thankful I learned how to plan for success so I can share that with you.  I am about to share with you not only how I plan and track for 21 Day Fix success but also some other ways I have found my planner/journal to be a great asset in my life.  READY?

This is a glimpse into my planner binder. Most of these layouts are before pen.

Daily Pla

Cover page

planner journal march monthly spread

Monthly planner layout

As I move farther into my journal pages, I get more granular with my planning. The month is broken down into days and then the days have certain to do's or appointments. I even have a place to track habits that are important for me like: power hour, making the bed, flossing my teeth and hydrating (remember to drink 1/2 your body weight in ounces of water DAILY!). You will notice I even have a place to write a quote or affirmation for the week.

weekly planner layout

Weekly layout

This is a layout I designed for tracking my 21 Day Fix nutrition and fitness on a daily basis. As you can see I even have affirmation cards that I change out on a daily basis to keep my journal fresh, colorful and inspiring. This planner insert is a reminder of how many containers I need to eat every  day in order to achieve my fitness goals. It allows me to keep a tally as I go throughout my day. I also keep track of my water intake as this is very important to optimum body function and weight loss. There is a spot for me to track my workout and my weight. Each insert has 7 days of tracking with the option to write which week you are tracking. There is even a little notes section to jot down how your feeling or changes you might be noticing. I love that I am able to look back on my week and see how well I stuck to the program and then make adjustments for the following week.

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21 Day Fix tracker

Weekly 21 Day Fix planner layout

I also plan a daily power hour into my day. A power hour is made up of certain tasks that you need to accomplish in one hour. This helps me stay focused on the things that I need to do to be successful. Everyone's power hours is different. I chose to do about 20 minutes of personal development (listen to a podcast, webinar, read a book, meditate), plan my social media posts for my various accounts, plan my fitness and nutrition challenge group posts (recipes, inspiration, accountability, etc), I drink my Shakeology during this time so once I am done with my power hour, my stomach is settled enough to jump right into my 30 minute workout.

power hour, vital behavior planner

Power hour (vital behavior) planner

I even have a planner insert for my success partner call. I have this call once a week with another woman who is very driven and successful business owner. She and I talk about "what's hot", "what's not", & "what's next" each week. I use the planner to track not only my weekly successes or failures but hers as well. This has been a business game changer for me. I suggest you find yourself a success partner (or two). It's a very effective way to hold yourself accountable to the things you need to do in order to achieve success.

success partner planner

Success partner layout

Lastly, I have a weekly call with my team of coaches. We typically have a topic for each call so I track who's hosting the call, what the topic is, notes and action items. I love referencing past team call notes, it's a great reminder of things I've learned but may have gotten lazy with or need a refresher.

team call planner

Team call planner


Success just doesn't happen, you have to plan for it. Let me help you. Download my free 21 Day Fix printable above. Track your nutrition and fitness for 3 weeks. If you are dedicated you will be successful.

If you don't own 21 Day Fix or have a coach that is helping you achieve your health and fitness goals, let's connect.

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