Inspiring Others Health ~ A 21 Day Fix Transformation Story

Meet Heather, wife and busy mother of 2. When we first started working together, Heather needed a complete workout and nutritional program that would create sustainable long term habits. Her goals were to lose weight and tone her body while setting a good healthy example for her beautiful girls. After several rounds of 21 Day Fix, Heather was able to achieve these amazing results.

Heather's glowing testimonial:

"Towards the end of October I was in search of a way to continue my new cleaner eating and active lifestyle that I had been working on for the better part of a year. Especially through the winter months, which tend to be the toughest for me!! This is when I saw my friend Amy Delardi’s Facebook post about this great program and she was looking for people to join in the success. I have now been on this program for close to 6 weeks and my results are really amazing. I am down almost 16 lbs and I have lost a total of 6 inches off my body. This feels great not only because I have more energy but also because mentally I am feeling better than I have in a really long time. The support from Amy and her team has been awesome. They are always offering ways to keep your food and activity interesting so you don’t get caught in a rut. Thank you Amy for all that you do!!" ~ Heather

I couldn't be more proud of Heather's transformation. Not only did she lose weight and inches, she loved herself enough to take the steps in order to achieve her goals and put herself as a priority. She is in a better place both mentally AND physically.

If you are looking to achieve health and fitness goals and not sure how to get there please contact me. I want to help you.

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