4 Steps To Achieving Your Health and Fitness Goals in 2016

Setting a goal for your workout or nutrition program is vital to your success!

Even though we love to set resolutions at the beginning of a new year, the sad reality is that the majority of people will fail to achieve them. I prefer the term goals as opposed to resolutions. Goals have more specific actions you can set to them vs. just a decision you make in hopes you achieve it.

Lack of goal setting is essentially like taking a drive with no end point in mind. You might go far and see nice things but how much gas will you waste getting there and will you end up where you wanted or needed to be? Goals are something that are very personal to the person setting them. Whether you want to lose weight, change up your workout routine, look good in a bathing suite, increase endurance, you should be setting a goal based on what you hope to accomplish.

For most of us, setting a goal is the easy part. Achieving the goal is the unknown. Goal achievement, especially when it comes to health and fitness, can be a mystery. You need to create a plan.

Once you set your goals, it’s important to break them down into little steps you can take to help you reach those goals. Knowing what nutrition plan to follow, what fitness program is right for you, and who can help you, are some of the most important things to identify when creating your plan of action. Start small and don’t do too many things at once. Use a small goal that you know you can do each day for the next week, like drinking ½ your body weight in ounces of water on a daily basis. Build that first habit to boost your confidence and pick up momentum. Did you know that it takes 21 days to create or break a habit?  Keep that in mind when you’re looking to make lifestyle changes that you can learn to sustain.

Here’s a free printable that I created to help you track your 21 day habits successfully!

21 Day Habit Tracker
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Need help identifying the necessary steps to achieve your health and fitness goals?
Here are 4 steps to achieving your health and fitness goals in 2016:

1.  Write your goals down and give yourself a deadline. Writing down your goals helps keep you more focused and committed to them. I often find that creating a visual that represents your goal or how your life will be different once that goal is attained is extremely powerful. Seeing it makes it seem more possible. Next week’s blog will be all about designing a vision board.

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2. Create MEASURABLE steps that you have control over and TRACK your progress. The only way to know if you’re heading towards achievement is by tracking your goals in a journal. How are you going to track your progress? Making it concrete will not only help you stay on track, but it can also give you motivation along the way as you reach mini milestones. Knowing that you are achieving success will create momentum that will propel you forward.

3. Acknowledge your accomplishments and reward yourself. You aren’t a dog, so DON’T reward yourself with food treats. I like to reward myself with new workout gear, new fitness program, 30 minute massage (found on Groupon inexpensively) or mani/pedi. One the flip side, DON’T beat yourself up for “failures”. Negative thoughts in your head will be sure to sabotage your plan. Instead, take some time to think about what you’re doing right. Shifting your perspective will shift your mindset; in turn shifting your energy in a positive direction.

Fear Determination Results

Don’t expect perfection. Accept the fact that you might not make it on the first try BUT be persistent. This is key.

don't try to be perfect, just try to be better than you were yesterday

4. Finding a support system is extremely helpful when trying to achieve health and fitness goals. That was a missing element in life for VERY long time. In fact, one of the reasons why I became a fitness and nutrition coach is because I want to offer others the same inspiration that helped me to achieve my health and fitness goals. I didn’t realize how instrumental it was going to be until I experienced it myself. I AM HERE FOR YOU.

Think about where you want to be next year at this time. Set your goals. Identify actionable steps. Track your progress. Learn from your mistakes. Reward yourself. Share your journey. Repeat process.70% of success in life is showing up

This is what achieving your health and fitness goals look like from one of my customers who set her mind to changing her habits:


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Want help identifying the necessary steps to achieve your health and fitness goals?

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