Shakeology gives me a good base of nutrition to jump start my day. I find it balances my blood sugar levels and motivated me to eat healthier for my other meals throughout the day. It most definitely cut my sugar cravings. I started craving healthier foods that I wasn't craving before. In the past, I would literally go to the store to buy a chocolate bar, now I don't even think about buying them. The shakes taste great without that fake sugar taste that a lot of meal replacement or protein shakes have. Now, I can't image life without these simple shakes.


I just wanted to let you know that I LOVE doing the 21 day fix workouts! I have been at it for a week and I already feel so much stronger. I have canceled my gym membership that I hardly ever used. The workout is only a half an hour so I no longer have any excuses not to do a workout every day! I love that everyday of the week is a different workout so it doesn't get boring!


"I have lost 5 lbs by following some of Amy's health & fitness tips and continue to lose more. I am so grateful to have someone to inspire me."

Yoana, http://3momsonlife.com