Yes, I Have Fibromyalgia

Some people might not know what ‎Fibromyalgia‬ is. The crazy thing it's displays itself differently for each person. Basically, Fibromyalgia is a label used for un-diagnosable chronic pain. For me it means sensitivity to touch on my arms and in particular my legs, lactic acid burning all over my body due to inflammation and brain fog. FROM WHAT? I don't know. This all started after my first labor/delivery that included an epidural 🙁 I kept quiet for years thinking my body would correct itself and the pain would eventually go away. After suppressing my pain for years, I was afraid to start talking about it, worried what people might think. Dreading I would be told "It's all in your head". I looked healthy so I must be, right? WRONG! I felt horrible and it started affecting my emotions BIG TIME! After suffering in silence a few years and after my second child was born, I started to speak out and ask others if this was "normal". The answer was a resounding "NO!"


After much of my own research, I reached out to practitioners and naturopathic doctors. I tried various different therapies like: cranial sacral, lymphatic drainage, chiropractic, Neural Organization Technique, massage and acupuncture just to name a few. Some worked better than others, but nothing had a long term effect or the staying power to really get rid of the chronic pain.

Based on the suggestion from my naturopathic doctor, about 8 years ago, I started eliminating foods out of my dient that are known to cause aggravation to the body. I started out by eliminating dairy, then gluten, then sugar. I incorporated as much organic foods as possible into my diet. All of that helps, but it's not a cure, it's a life long maintenance program. The good thing is, I feel great, because I have the will power, determination and dedication to not let this effect my active lifestyle.

I continue to support my clean eating habits with daily exercises from 21 Day Fix Extreme,  a daily dose of Shakeology and a weekly treatment of either acupuncture or something that supports my body's ability to detox naturally. I plan to write a blog about the various detox protocols that I follow.

Please comment below if you can relate to my experience. Share your experience with me. Anyone suffering from Fibromyalgia can use a little support.

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